SIT Your Way to Better Health

Saunas. Seriously, I know the idea of roasting in a wooden box may not appeal to you, but it might after you read to the end of this page.

Often when I am talking about recapturing health at speaking engagements, I mention the term acute stress. When I say “stress,” I’m not talking about being “stress-out.” That kind of stress would be termed “chronic stress,” and it is chronic stress that is the real killer in our country today. That’s a rabbit-hole for another day…

Our bodies NEED to be exposed to acute stressors DAILY in order to give ourselves the best shot at increasing our health-span (living our best life for as long as possible).

So what are some acute stressors?

Here are my top 4:

  1. Exercise
    • Does this need any explanation? You’ve got to tax your body. Exercise should make you breathe hard.
  2. Hyperthermia
    • Exposure to high temperatures may include dry sauna, infrared sauna, hot tubs, hot springs, or heating mats
  3. Cold Thermogenesis
    • Exposure to cold temperatures include cold baths, cold showers, ice-water plunges, or cryotherapy
  4. Fasting
    • Time-restricted eating, better known as intermittent fasting, and longer term fasts from 24 hours to 3 days are crucial to longevity for a number of reasons. I will write a post on this very soon!

Our bodies are magnificently designed. We actually become stronger when we expose ourselves to these acute stressors. This isn’t a “bounce-back” effect. This idea extends far past resilience. We essentially become more “super-human” each time. We become stronger when we are thrown into the fire.

A study published in 2015 in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed some groundbreaking findings as it pertains to sauna use. After 2 decades of tracking the sauna usage of 2,300 middle-aged men, here is what researchers found:

  1. The more often you use a sauna, the lower your risk for fatal cardiovascular disease and and all-cause mortality.
  2. Staying in the sauna longer (19 minutes or more), lowers your risk for sudden cardiac death by 52% (compared to those that used the sauna less than 11 minutes).
  3. Getting in a sauna four to seven times per week makes you 66% less likely to be diagnosed with dementia, and 65%t less likely with Alzheimer’s disease (compared to those using a sauna once per week).

Convincing? It was for me.

Furthermore, knowing my personal genetic predispositions around dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as my genetic short-comings in regards to detoxification, I knew I needed all the help I could get. I put a sauna in my home about 6 months ago, and it has become a part of my daily routine. Beyond the health benefits, I have found it good for my soul. It is a daily 30 minute escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I often will read my Bible, a book, or listen to a podcast. Other times I will put on soothing music, close my eyes, and focus on breath-work. And still other times I close my eyes and fall into a prayerful state.

I chose an infrared sauna for a number of reasons:

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Plug and go
  3. Enhanced detoxification benefits (over traditional dry saunas)

There are quite a few infrared sauna companies cutting corners. And in my personal opinion, there are really only 3 companies out there doing things the right way. I decided to go with the Sunstream Evolve EHS.

  • Industry’s lowest EMF and EF/ELF electric field
  • Solid hypoallergenic basswood construction
  • No plywood or particle board used
  • No toxic glues or plastics used anywhere
  • Complete 360˚ heat coverage (even has a heater panel on the door and in the floor)

Yes, my company will receive a commission payment if you purchase one of these, but I stood by this company long before any of that started. Use this link to send an inquiry directly to Sunstream’s founder and CEO and he will give you a special Tolleson Health discount.

Exercise takes effort. Fasting isn’t always easy. Cold thermogenesis is tough. Sitting in a sauna…piece of cake.