Your body is a gift.  You didn’t create it, but it is yours to use.  Everyone wants to keep the body young and healthy.  The purpose of the POD is NOT to make you live longer.  The purpose of this program is to provide you with the science, tools, and the accountability required to give you more time in a healthy, youthful body so that you can do EXACTLY what you were created to do.  It’s time to uncover your Peak Potential.  It’s time to truly LIVE your purpose.

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Peak Potential Project

Your body is a gift.  You didn’t create it, but it is yours to use.  Everyone wants to keep the body young and healthy.  The purpose of the Peak Potential Project is NOT to make you live longer.  The purpose of this program is to provide you with the science, tools, and the accountability required to give you more time in a healthy, youthful body so that you can do EXACTLY what you were created to do.  It’s time to uncover your Peak Potential.  It’s time to truly LIVE your purpose.

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The Power of Pods

PODS are groups of 3-7 like-minded individuals that are ALL IN!

Leading scientists include community as one of the 3 main keys to unlock your longevity.

After years of offering only 1 on 1 programs, we have determined the secret to achieving your peak potential lies in the people you surround yourself with.

Email us to start your own POD or join an existing POD.

Everything You Knew about health is changing

We live in a time with a new set of rules. Everything you thought you knew about health is changing. The old has gone away, and even the new science is outdated. So much of what you believed to be true was never even true to begin with.


A POD is an exclusive, membership-based community of like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives committed to a lifetime of optimized health and human performance. Through consistent engagement, members will uncover the cutting-edge science, tools, and testing required to design a life free from the effects of aging and decline.


A well-planned, timely executed, and constantly evolving program with fully vested coaches and an entire community of like-minded people behind you: You WILL rethink the limits on what is possible.

Working with a coach just works, plain and simple. Stop trying to do this on your own!

Shawn’s Story

“In my “prime” as a major league pitcher, I was not well, or maybe better put, not optimized. Despite being a high-achiever, my body hurt, and I am certain my biology was all out of sorts. At 28 years old and three surgeries later, I found myself chronically fatigued, in constant pain, and putting on unhealthy weight no matter how hard I worked. It was exhausting, but I was unwilling to slow down, press the pause button, or redirect my path away from what I knew “worked” for me. The current model just wasn’t working for me. I was a Major League baseball player; I didn’t get there by shortcuts. More is better. Harder is the answer. Wow, was I completely wrong about that? I remember specifically waking up one morning, two weeks out from an elbow and knee surgery, slowly getting out of bed.

My feet hit the floor and a sharp pain shot through my back. This wasn’t uncommon for me. I looked down at my feet and could barely see my toes. I was 40 pounds overweight. This was my wake-up call. It was time to stop doing what I “thought” I should be doing and, even at times, what everyone else was telling me to do. It was time to take a different approach. I wanted more than anything to get back to pitching in the Big Leagues, but what I found was a new passion for optimized health and a new zest for life.

Want my stats? Six months after taking the right supplements, exercising less, sleeping more, taking time to breathe, and learning a few “biohacks,” I was down 40 pounds, had ZERO pain, and had the energy and the courage to step outside my comfort zone, to do what I was truly being called to do. I am blessed to be able to share this passion with every client that I work with. God gave me a new purpose.


  • Need more time in the day
  • Need more energy so that you can accomplish more
  • Curious about how to regain the vitality and stamina you had 20 years ago
  • Tired of the same workout routines
  • Know how to eat healthy but are confused about how to eat for longevity
  • Doing a lot of the right things when it comes to health, but worried that you might be missing some key concepts
  • Don’t have time to keep up on the latest research and developments that pertain to your health.
  • Over the roller coaster of temporary results and just want a system that works forever
  • Taking two steps forward and one step back 
  • Don’t want to rely on the healthcare system to regain health

What do you mean by Peak Potential when it comes to my health?

Doing the most with what you have

    Rethinking any limits you have placed on yourself because of age or circumstance

      No destinations – only milestones along a lifetime journey

        Utilizing your assets to push yourself to the limits within realistic expectations

          What am I getting as a POD member?

          • Call with Shawn and your POD twice per month
          • Monthly longevity protocols
          • Advanced Lab Work
          • Guided fasting protocols
          • Personalized monthly progress reports
          • Advanced DNA Analysis 
          • Biological Age Testing
          • Cardio-respiratory exercise testing
          • Individualized supplement plans
          • Daily biometric monitoring
          • Monthly mini-challenges
          • Team of health experts sourcing & filtering the latest breakthroughs
          • Weekly accountability measured and quantified
          • Community-centric accountability and ongoing support from peers
          • Access to a monthly call with Shawn and all Tolleson Health clients
          • Product recommendations & discounts
          • Full access to Shawn’s personal cell phone

          What am I getting as a member of the Peak Potential Project?

          I Know What You’re Thinking

          • I don’t have the time to add anything else to my calendar.
                • Join this community, and you will find more time to do the things you love.
          • I am already “fit” and don’t need to lose weight
                •  Proper health is about WAY more than being your ideal weight and looking decent in the mirror.
          • I need to lose weight before I join a group of people talking about health optimization.
                • Did you know that losing weight too quickly without regard for inflammation and immunity can result in a lifetime of weight regain?  It’s time to change the way you go about weight loss.
          • I’m not a serious fitness enthusiast
                • Great! Most fitness enthusiasts are destined for a shortened life! Seriously.  What is the minimum effective dose of exercise for longevity?  This is the kind of thing we take very seriously!
          • The result of where you are is not your fault; it’s the society and environment we live in
          • Behavior change is the single best thing for preventing and treating chronic disease, yet it’s the hardest
          • Community is the strongest enabler of behavior change

          Hear what our clients are saying about Pods:

          Client A came to us because he knew that he needed to make some changes.  It’s not that he was lazy, actually, probably the opposite of lazy.  He was a marathon runner and had completed several grueling triathlons.  He was a hard worker. But, unfortunately, all the exercise in the world cannot make up for suboptimal eating habits and a sleep deficit.  And this man, in particular, was doing way too much exercise. So we showed him how to do less and achieve more!

          Here are his words:

          “I am 4 months in, and I feel great.  I began the program at 226 pounds and was taking Advil almost daily.  I am now 192 pounds and haven’t felt this young in years!  Oh ya, and I haven’t had an Advil in two months.  I have learned how to enjoy exercise again, and I am basically just eating real food.  That’s it.

          Client B came to us, having been a diabetic for ten years.  He had spent time with many doctors and functional medicine providers over the years and already had a great foundation of testing, supplementation, and exercise.  He is a busy entrepreneur and owner of several thriving businesses.  He knew what to do, just didn’t seem to have the time to do it.

          Here are his words:

          “Two words come to mind when I think about my time in the program so far, SIMPLE and SUCCESSFUL.  These guys are engaged with me and communicating with me constantly.  They never say, “you have to” or “you need to.”  They don’t overload me with stuff. It all comes in manageable chunks. My blood sugars have never been so stabilized.  I am not even sure why, but it has to be some of the protocols that I have begun implementing.  I am 3 months in, and my body fat percentage has dropped from 18% to 12%.  Not even kidding.”

          What should I do next?

          Email Shawn and he can send you over pricing and more detailed information.

          Shawn will set up a call with you if you think you want to be “in”.

           Is this the right program for me?

          Am I ready to take my health seriously?

            Am I willing to try new things?

              Am I willing to engage with other members of the pod and respond to my coaches?

                Do I understand that spending money on my health is an investment in my future?

                  Am I willing to accept help?

                    Here are the answers to our most common questions:

                    I’m not local to the Dallas area. Can I still do this?

                    This program operates as completely virtual. We accomplish a great deal through messaging, email, phone calls, and video calls.

                    I already eat healthy and exercise regularly. Can I benefit at all from this program?

                    Absolutely! We are not after good. We want you to be at your best. But, in the end, health is more than just eating well and exercising. It’s about prevention. Beyond that, we can help you reach any performance aspirations that you may have.

                    How often would we have to communicate?

                    Ongoing communication and accountability are what set this program apart from anything else out there. We hold your hand through the process. You will have a standing 20-minute call twice per month with your POD.  Our goal is that you WANT to engage. If you don’t want it, then it is NOT for you.

                    I have had health issues for the longest time, and doctors don’t seem to know what’s wrong with me. Can you help?

                    Tolleson Health Advisors is not a replacement for your physician. Unfortunately, we cannot give you medical advice, but we can “treat” you with “lifestyle medicine” like food, exercise, better sleep, removing toxins, and other biohacks.