Shawn Tolleson sitting on a rock in a river

Shawn Tolleson 

Founder, CHC, CPT

Shawn Tolleson began Tolleson Health Advisors under the idea that knowledge without action is useless. Shawn has amassed an enormous amount of actionable information in the field of optimized health, human performance, longevity, and disease prevention.  He wants to share it with you.  Eating right and exercising are only two pieces to the longevity puzzle.  To truly live the life you want to live requires a targeted approach to things like blood parameters, genetics, supplementation, sleep, and a whole host of longevity protocols that no one else is talking about.

Shawn’s health journey began during his Major League Baseball career. He reached a point in his career where the same foods and exercises just weren’t cutting it anymore. He experienced lack of energy, chronic pain and inflammation, and began to gain weight.

Shawn’s career was derailed by injuries and he used a combination of genetic insight, food, supplements, exercise, biohacking, and recovery techniques to climb back to the top of his game.

All Shawn had ever known was baseball, a career that he truly loved. Now retired from the game of baseball, Shawn wanted to begin a new career that included his new found passion of optimized health.  

After watching his father deal with chronic disease and terminal cancer, Shawn is able to connect with his clients in an extremely personal way. Shawn displays a high level of emotional intelligence, along with a deep understanding of modern science and timeless wisdom. Shawn is tired of the health industry’s focus on treating the symptoms of the problem.  Shawn believes a great doctor is one that can fix the problem itself.  Shawn wants to prevent the problem from ever happening in the first place.  If you think like Shawn does, you would make a great client.

Shawn Tolleson sitting on a rock in a river