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  • Health and Life Coaching

  • As a health, fitness and life coach I am a supportive mentor who will help to motivate you to cultivate positive health, wellness and life choices. I educate and support clients to achieve their goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.

    I received my initial health coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York in 2007.

    Whether it's finding a job you love, repairing your relationships and learning to communicate, eating healthier, trying to step into the next chapter of your life, or just the desire to get clear on what your purpose is, I can help provide inspiration, accountability, life long results and knowledge. 

    I can offer you a customized program that is designed to help you achieve your God given purpose and walk out that calling, to impact the lives of those around you, helping you to grow into all that Jesus designed you to be.

    I work with people to move beyond self-limiting concepts and behaviors, and incorporating Biblical principles into everyday life, changing mind-sets, habits and helping you to break free from what has been holding you back.

    Through accountability, encouragement, powerful questions, prayer, and co-active coaching, you will experience and freedom that can only come from being where God wants you to be. I will help you to fulfill your highest calling without sacrificing your family or your health. Coaching is a very proactive process and when you commit to this process, we can work together to bring you to the place God has destined for you to go. 

  • How Does Coaching Work?

    Coaching can be done one on one or a group context. Each program is tailored to meet yours or your groups needs. 

    For one on one coaching, we would meet either 2 or 4 times a month (depending on the specific program you are looking for) for 45 minutes. These meetings are completed over the phone or Skype, which makes it super convenient. 

    The first step to see if coaching is the next step for you is to schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session. Click here to be brought to my calendar of available time slots.

    This complimentary session will allow you to see if working with me is something you'd like to do and also allows us to work together to get clear on some of your goals.

    You can check out my programs HERE to see if something interests you. The best place to begin with is your complimentary 30 minute session, which you can schedule here

    Group coaching can take place over the phone, on the internet or in person. This group format enables a group of 4-10 people to meet together and collectively work towards individual or group goals. If you are interested in group coaching for your church group, employees, or any other group, please contact me for more information.